Fasteignaverð – ýmsar rannsóknir

Fjölmargar rannsóknir benda til þess að engin áhrif séu af vindorkugörðum á fasteignaverð, sjá hér að neðan.


The prestigious US-based Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found no correlation.

The respected UK-based Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in combination with the Oxford Brookes University found no correlation.

The US-based Renewable Energy Policy Project found positive correlations between wind turbines and property value increases.

A University of Illinois Masters in Applied Economics thesis found statistical evidence that fear of an impending wind farm affects property values, but that operating wind farms do not, and that property values near operating wind farms increase faster.

A recent New Hampshire study found no correlation between wind farms and property values.

Fear of wind turbines impact on property values before the wind turbines are erected and shortly afterward seems to have a short-term impact on property values and sales. If so, anti-wind advocacy groups are complicit in this – arguably intentionally — by publicizing and promoting fear of property value impacts.

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